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Durban Country Club

South Africa

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7 Days

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Durban Country Club is widely regarded to be South Africa’s premier golf course, with the complexes at Fancourt hot on its heels. The course itself is wedged between the Indian Ocean and a network of impressive sand dunes, setting a superb backdrop for first class championship golf.

The golf course ranks second in South Africa, and has previously featured in top 100 in the world, proving it’s world-class value. Durban Country Club has also played to more than 15 South African Opens, more than any other golf course within the country, attracting some of the top players on the European Tour to come and compete.

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Bao gồm/Không bao gồm

  • Rounds
  • Bed and Breakfast at Wild Coast Sun, Selborne Golf Estate Hotel & Spa
  • 1 round at Durban Country Club
  • 1 round at Selborne Golf Course (Selborne Golf Estate Hotel & Spa)
  • 2 rounds at Wild Coast Sun
  • Flight included
  • 4 Nights B&B at Wild Coast Sun
  • 3 Nights B&B at Selbourne Hotel

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South Africa


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