Titov Island
Titop Island is a popular destination for tourists visiting Halong Bay due to its beautiful landscapes and close location to Bai Chay Harbor. Despite its small size of 3.7 hectares, it is known for its picturesque views and is highly regarded among tourists.

Titop Island is home to breathtaking landscapes, which can be seen from a high vantage point in the center of the island. The island features a crescent-shaped beach with white, powdery sand and crystal clear, azure blue water, which is known for its peaceful atmosphere.

Titop Island has a peak that is around 110 meters high and requires around 450 steps to reach. At the top, you will have a view of the less developed parts of Halong Bay. There are no other isolated islands in the area that offer this benefit. Many cruise itineraries include a stop at Titop Island due to its close proximity to Bai Chay.

The Story Behind the Island’s Name
Titop Island was originally called Cat Nang Island, but was later renamed in honor of Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov. In 1961, Titov became the second person to orbit the Earth on the Vostok 2 spaceship, following fellow Russian Yuri Gagarin. The following year, Titov visited Halong Bay and toured the area with Vietnam’s leader, Ho Chi Minh. In a gesture of friendship between Vietnam and Russia, Ho Chi Minh renamed the island “Titov” after the cosmonaut.

In 1997, Gherman Titov returned to Titop Island and wrote in the visitors’ book at Halong Bay’s management, “I give my thanks to God for giving me a chance to return to this island.” In September 2015, the People’s Committee of Northern Quang Ninh Province unveiled a statue of Titov on the island.

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How to Get to Titop Island
There are two main ways to visit Titop Island: as a standalone day trip or as part of a Halong Bay cruise. Since Titop Island is located close to Bai Chay harbor, it is easy to visit even if you only have a limited time on a Halong Bay day tour. The most convenient way to visit the island is to book a cruise that includes it in the itinerary. Here are the details of both options:

A standalone day trip: This means a trip to visit only Titop Island, and is ideal for those who have limited time or who already know the specific destinations they want to visit in Halong Bay. This option allows you to go directly to the island and not waste time visiting other places.

A Halong Bay cruise including a Titop Island trip: Many tourists prefer this option, as it is simple to join a cruise that includes Titop Island in the itinerary.

Best Time to Visit Titop Island
Titop Island can be visited year-round, but there are two main periods when it is most popular among tourists:

June to July: This is the time when many domestic tourists and tourists from other Asian countries visit Titop Island.
December to February: During this period, many travelers from Europe, America, and other countries in cold climates choose to take cruises in Halong Bay and visit Titop Island.
If you are planning to visit the island during the second peak season, keep in mind that prices may be higher and availability may be limited. It is recommended to book your trip early to get the best price. The off-peak season is from April to May and from August to October, during which there are fewer tourists and the price of cruises is lower.

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Things To Do In Titov Island
There are a few activities available on the island. Swimming and snorkelling are possible as well as equipment for beach games. There is a bar on the island. You can rent deckchairs to sit on the beach or other equipment to enjoy activities around Titop Island. Drinks are available to enjoy. Getting a cocktail and enjoying the view of the bay from the beach is one of the main attractions of the island. There are possibilities to enjoy the island during sunset. A moonlit walk across the beach is available during the hot, humid summer months. Titop Island is more notorious for luxury and pleasure rather than exploration. Though, is it these experiences as that is what makes the tour around Halong Bay so refreshing.

Although many Halong Bay cruises include Titop Island in their itineraries, it is a small island with only a few key activities. However, its small size makes it easy to make sure you see all of the must-see spots.

In addition to offering beautiful panoramic views of the bay, Titop Island is home to a small but popular beach of the same name. The beach is a great place to engage in activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and barbecues. The beach remains popular throughout the year.

Tip: Titop Island has a variety of amenities for visitors, including shops that sell swimming attire, sun creams, and deck chairs where you can relax with a drink or snack. There are also service areas with shower facilities for after your swim.

For those who prefer a more leisurely activity, there are small shops selling local crafts, seashells, and trinkets that make great souvenirs.

In addition, there are bars and seafood restaurants located near the beach where you can get refreshments and try local flavors. For more active visitors, there are options for kayaking and snorkeling.

The area has a diverse marine life, making snorkeling a popular activity for water lovers and marine enthusiasts. Kayaking is a good way to explore the surrounding areas at your own pace and access remote parts of the coastline that are difficult for tour boats to reach.