Soi Sim Island is a small island located in Halong Bay, in the Quảng Ninh province of Vietnam. It is known for its beautiful beaches and clear, turquoise water. The island is a popular destination for visitors to Halong Bay, and is known for its snorkeling and diving opportunities, as well as for its hiking trails and panoramic views of the bay.

The Beach In Soi Sim Island
The beach on Soi Sim Island is a popular spot for swimming, a great place to relax and soak up the sun. Soi Sim Beach still retains its natural beauty with the blue sea, calm water, and a 200 meter stretch of white sandy shore. However, because Soi Sim Beach is pretty narrow and slightly steep, tourists should be careful and pay attention to danger signs when swimming.

The Peaks In Soi Sim Island
Soi Sim Island has an area of 8.7 hectares, devided into two peaks, the highest one is about 200 meters. The mountain is relatively easy to climb, and there are trails that lead to the top. To reach the peaks of Soi Sim, you will conquer 400 wooden steps with unique designed observation decks shaped as a star with pointed bastions where you can view the entire Eastern and Northern sides of Halong Bay and the surrounding waters of Halong Bay. It is a great place to take in the natural beauty of the area.

How To Get To Soi Sim Island
Soi Sim is located in the southwest of Halong Bay, about 10km from Tuan Chau pier and 700 meters from Ti Top Island. Boats are departing from Halong Port at Route 2 Pier. It takes around 20 minutes and is 150,000 VND per person each way. Various 2-3-day cruise tours also stop off at this island for 1-2 hours.

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Wildlife Conservation Project On Soi Sim Island
Due to the implementation of the conservation project for the Ha Long Bay wildlife on Soi Sim Island, the reception of tourists to the island has been temporarily suspended. The main focus of the conservation area is the central display center showcasing specimens, images, and information about the wildlife, geology, natural ecosystem, history, environment, and climate of Ha Long Bay. Other than that there will be an observation decks modeled after flower petals connected to a the wooden hiking trail which go around the island. The Ha Long Bay Management Board stated that the project is currently being carried out by a limited liability company member of Soi Sim and the suspension of operations is to ensure safety for tourists.