Overview Of Hoi An Old Town
Situated 30km south of Da Nang, Hoi An ancient town is one of the best attractions in Central Vietnam. It is titled as the prettiest town of the country and in recent times. This stunning historic place boasts of old traditional houses painted by an eye-popping yellow, decorated by lanterns and blooming flowers. It’s studded with religious buildings, busy markets and shops. Nearly all of the time during the day, the town is bicycle and pedestrian friendly. After the sun disappears, thousands of lanterns light on, turning the quarters into very colorful and sparkling ones. Down the river, visitors love to get on lantern boats and drop candle lanterns to the water, making it also mesmerizing.

History Of Hoi An Old Town
Located in Vietnam’s central province Quang Nam, Hoi An ancient town is a well-preserved historic trading town dating from the 15th to 19th century. Throughout 400 years, this international hub of commerce draws merchants from different parts of the country and all the world over. The businessmen come here to trade spices, high-quality silks, handcrafted objects, minerals and more.

Besides Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans settling down in town also, many of them get married with locals. Each leaves their own tangible and intangible traces, now visible around the quarters.

In 1999, Hoi An ancient town was recognized by Unesco as a world cultural heritage because of its remarkably intact state. Travelers love to roam around, enjoy a lively atmosphere, sightsee age-old remains, photograph nice pictures, taste delicious foods, get lantern boats, tailoring and go shopping.

Architecture Of Hoi An Old Town
Within an area of 30 hectares, Hoi An ancient town now features lantern-lit streets running parallel Thu Bon river and the others set at right angles. It houses over 1,300 old houses with yellow walls, timber furniture and tiled roof, ornate temples, vibrant markets and featured museums.

Within the boundaries, well-protected places such as Japanese covered bridge, Chinese assembly halls, old houses and family temples are placed in the highest level of conservation. Several houses are converted into themed museums, about history and cultures. All provide a nice architecture to visit and take photos, interesting history to listen to and informative exhibitions. By that, a ticket is required there, but included in Hoi An ancient town entrance fee. While many constructions have been retained for sightseeing, many are converted into tailors, restaurants, café, art galleries, bars, souvenir shops and massage parlors.

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Buy Entrance Ticket In Hoi An Old Town
Entrance fee is 150.000 VND for adults and teenagers above 16-years-old, and free for childrens under 16-years-old. This covers entries of the whole Unesco-designated area and 5 sightseeing places and traditional shows. If would like to see more, travelers will have to buy another ticket. It’s not necessary to reserve Hoi An entrance fee in advance, so just come to ticket booths standing by streets leading to the town.

Ticket booths are always close to roads leading into Hoi An ancient town, from 7 a.m to 8 p.m daily. Some of them open to 9 p.m, especially during peak season and lantern festival day because of many tourists at that time.

Validity of the entrance fee validity is within the day visitors purchase only. in fact, the holders can use the ticket the whole time they stay over in the city. travelers can show their photos in ticketed places as a proof to roam around the town. But, it’s impossible to enter any others of the kind.

Get A Tour Guide In Hoi An Ancient Town
On-site guide is available to book in any Hoi An old town ticket counters. He or she is well-trained by the official management board and the Unesco, to provide the most correct and detailed information to visitors. In the tour, historical sites and museums are the focus where everything needed to know about them is told.

Moreover, the guide also recommends handicraft shops to better understand local crafts and products, tailors, restaurants, coffee shops or street foods to try. English and Vietnamese are two most popular languages but if require another rarer one, should announce it in advance (especially in high seasons).

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Pedestrian Hours In Hoi An Old Town
Hoi An ancient town is bicycle and pedestrian-friendly. In nearly all daytime and evening, its streets are free from moving motorcycles and cars like the outside. Everyday, that is from 9 to 11 a.m and 3 to 10 p.m, and in the wet season, it begins from 9:30 in the morning. If riding a motorcycle to the town, travelers need to park somewhere outside of the Unesco designated area and then walk.

If like to stroll in the Night market and visit late night bars near it, at the end of the walking itinerary, should leave your vehicle close by. Taxi riders are many outside of the pedestrian zone’s boundaries, to get a ride to go to the next stunning place or return to the hotel. They don’t mind serving a drive to Da Nang.

Places To See In Hoi An Old Town
Ba Mu Temple Gate
Ba Mu is a Chinese temple established in 1626, for worship Mazu Sea Goddess, the Twelves Midwives. Now, only its main gate still stands on the ground behind a lotus pond, this became widely-known by instagrammers. Location: 76 Tran Phu St-Opening hours: 7 a.m to 8 p.m.

Ba Le Well
Built by Champa residents by their own techniques. It still produces fresh and clean water over hundreds of years.

Réhahn’s Photo Gallery
Réhahn, a French photographer living in Hoi An. Around 200 impressive pictures and 62 featured traditional costumes of all groups of people in the country. Location: 26 Phan Boi Chau St-Opening hours: 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

Hoi An Night Market
Over 100 stalls arranged along Nguyen Hoang St, from the crossroad of Nguyen Phuc Chu St until the end. opportunities to take beautiful pictures with colorful lanterns, try delicious foods and nice drinks, buy cheap souvenirs and simply watch the world go by. Closing time is around 10:30.

Hoi An Lune Center for the Performing Arts
Elaboratte cultural show of Hoi An lune center has arrived in Hoi An old town since 2018. Performance depicts Vietnamese culture from the countryside to the city, on the basis of contemporary art.

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Things To Do In Hoi An Old Town
Try Local Foods
Besides photo and shopping opportunities, there are plenty of places to eat out here to taste Vietnamese authentic flavors, from streets to five-star restaurants. Tasting scrumptious local street dishes and food specialties around Hoi An ancient town is a favorite of many tourists. The Central market and Night market are foodie paradises in town, catering to a variety of eats (prepared in authentic recipes) with a reasonable price.

Cooking Class
hands-on Vietnamese cooking classes guided by an experienced English-speaking chef. Some experiences include a visit to a traditional fresh market.

Lantern Boat Ride
Getting a lantern boat ride is one of the best activities at night in Hoi An ancient town. The rate is not expensive, 20,000 to 50,000 VND per person and includes a candle lantern to drop down the water. Along the quay (Bach Dang St) and near the Japanese bridge, there’re many boat owners invited to cruise the river with them, but with different prices.

Learn Some Handicraft
Hoi An houses traditional handicraft villages and plenty of artisans, to produce high-quality objects to export.
– Lantern making: In the west of the Ancient town.
– Mask making: The Timming Mask Hoi An provides 2 hrs-course. Kids can paint the masks by colors they like.
– Bamboo root carving: available only in their workshop at 26 Bach Dang St. Figures of Buddhas.
– Teahouse: Reaching Out include tea mediation in the morning (9 to 10) and Vietnamese traditional waffles making in the afternoon (3 to 4:30).

Shopping In Hoi An Old Town
Visit A Tailor
Lots of travelers aim to make a customized garment when traveling to Hoi An. Suit, shirt, pants, jacket, dress quick service, variety of choices (fabric, item, style and price) and being highly-met personal specifications.

Buy Souvenirs
This souvenir shop is one of the best instagrammable spots in Hoi An old town and take pictures with its pink wall of “Hoi An vibes only”. Location: 76 Tran Phu St-Opening hours: 7 a.m to 8 p.m.