Golf truly finds a land of choice in Tuscany.
The temperate climate, the naturally undulating terrain and the wide meadows surrounded by rows of trees create a landscape in which the fairways of the track are always placed as an element of continuity.
In Tuscany you can play pleasantly in any season and the clubs are usually active 12 months a year.

You can play golf all day or as a recreational moment after visits to museums, after the spas or after a swim in the sea considering that Tuscany is the region of Central Italy that offers the greatest variety of beaches.
There are numerous golf clubs located in places with a strong tourist vocation, by the sea, on the hills or even in the mountains.
It is easy to understand why the spas of Tuscany are one of the favorite destinations for lovers of wellness holidays: a quarter of the Italian thermal springs are located in this region and are all surrounded by a beauty that nourishes the eyes and the spirit.

The beauty of the landscape and art, that unique combination that man has been able to create in Tuscany, is the backdrop to natural hot water pools a stone's throw from enchanting villages where time seems to have stopped, hidden in the woods or enclosed within a well-kept spa park, perhaps with a panoramic view of rolling hills

A holiday in Tuscany cannot be separated from a visit to a historic village, one of the wonders most appreciated by all visitors to this magnificent region.
Medieval villages, castles, churches, monasteries, farmhouses and villas follow one another in a fantastic itinerary that enhances the industriousness and inventiveness of man; centuries of work have shaped the hills of this region and the alternation of vineyards with olive trees and woods creates a unique harmony in the world.

A holiday in Tuscany is the best way to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you and immerse yourself in a world of beauty.

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