Portugal can be considered the California of Europe: in fact, the climate is always pleasant throughout the year and the variation in temperatures between summer and winter is limited; the rainy period lasts only two months and the influence of the Gulf currents allows for a mild winter and summers that are not too sultry.

Golf in Portogallo
Playing golf in Portugal is an unforgettable experience. The reasons? Excellent courses in breathtaking scenery, a mild climate for 12 months and the friendliness with which golfers from all over the world are welcomed.

It is difficult to find a better destination than Portugal for golf holidays as the whole country offers a great diversity of courses suitable for various levels of difficulty and budget.

There are more than 90 courses throughout the territory, many of them designed by famous architects such as Robert Trent Jones Jr., Jack Nicklaus, Severiano Ballesteros, Henry Cotton and Arnold Palmer, authors of award-winning courses.

All fields have in common the environmental quality and the harmony with which they integrate into nature. You go from greens overlooking the ocean, surrounded by cliffs and dunes of white beach, to others set between lakes and mountains, where the scent of flowers and herbs blend so much that it is impossible to distinguish them.

There are several attractions not to be missed in Portugal: the cities of Lisbon and Porto, the beaches overlooking the ocean, the islands, nature and typical villages.

The Algarve and the Lisbon coast are well-known destinations for the most experienced players, and have been awarded several times internationally. They host important competitions on the professional circuits, as well as the Island of Madeira with its mountain fields. In the Azores Islands, rustic golf is also practiced in a rural setting. But it was in Porto and in the North that it all began, in fact in this area there are some of the most historic courses in continental Europe.

Lisbon is considered one of the most fascinating capitals in Europe: it extends over 7 hills overlooking the Tagus estuary and is known for its panoramic views, its historic and elegant buildings and its lively nightlife, as well as the renowned Portuguese cuisine, fish and meat, to be consumed in one of the many taverns in the alleys of the center.
On the coast north of Lisbon, which can be reached easily and in a short time from the capital, you can breathe the invigorating air of the Atlantic while playing golf. Here are some of the best courses in Europe that can offer new challenges every day, due to changes in wind direction, and new views, thanks to the ever-changing tones that the landscape acquires.

The city of Porto (also called Oporto), perched on top of the hills on the sides of the cliffs, offers a unique atmosphere with its magnificent scenery and has been repeatedly awarded as the best city break in Europe. Here, clubs and restaurants mix with cathedrals, churches and museums overlooking small streets and wide avenues. Porto can be easily visited on foot despite the constant ups and downs. Do not miss the historic city center, the traditional market, Mercado do Bolhão, the beautiful Lello bookshop and the centenary Café Majestic, a splendid Art Nouveau building, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. Crossing the Douro River is the town of Vila Nova de Gaia, home to the cellars that produce the famous Port wine.

The Algarve is considered a true paradise for golfers. In this region, known for its lush landscapes and excellent wines, you can play in fields with different characteristics, in the midst of beautiful natural scenery, near the sea or in the mountains. Most of the courses are located in well-preserved natural areas, with exceptional panoramic views. In addition, a wide and diverse range of hotels are available as well as direct air links with various parts of the world, and in addition, the transfer from Faro International Airport to the various resorts is very easy. In many fields typical local trees are scattered, such as figs, olive trees, carob trees and cork oaks: a tour of the field is equivalent to a nice walk in the middle of nature.
In short, throughout Portugal, including the islands, the offer for golfers of all levels is truly extraordinary!