Ba Hang is unique due to the presence of mysterious caves that can be navigated by boats during high tide, and is also known for its beautiful natural surroundings. The world-famous movie “Kong: Skull Island” chose Ba Hang fishing village as its filming location, bringing even more fame and recognition to the village on a global scale.

Fisherman Village In Ba Hang

Ba Hang Fishing Village is a small floating settlement located near Thien Cung cave. It is home to about 50 households who live in small houses and has a peaceful, simple atmosphere. Ba Hang fishing village offers a unique contrast to the fast-paced life of the city. In addition to enjoying the tranquil and refreshing scenery, visitors have the opportunity to experience the daily life of the villagers, as they go about their activities such as fishing at sea.

Kayak In Ba Hang

In addition to the peaceful atmosphere and traditional village life, Ba Hang fishing village also offers the opportunity for visitors to participate in kayaking. Halong Bay, which is located near the village, has been voted as one of the top 25 kayaking destinations in the world by National Geographic magazine. Many international tourists enjoy kayaking at Ba Hang. To fully appreciate the stunning scenery, visitors can choose to either hire a boatman or rent a kayak and explore on their own.

Best Time To Visit Ba Hang

The most suitable time to visit Ba Hang fishing village and Halong Bay is from April to June, or from September to November. Autumn is also a beautiful time to visit, with clear weather and mild temperatures that allow for swimming in the sea. Additionally, the number of visitors tends to be lower during these months, resulting in less crowded conditions. Overall, the best times to visit are the summer months of April to June, or the autumn and late autumn months of September to November.

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How To Reach Ba Hang

Hang Ba Hang is a popular tourist attraction located on Halong Bay tour sightseeing routes, specifically Route 1 which takes 4 hours and is only 4 km from Tuan Chau wharf. This route is the shortest and is suitable for those visiting from locations near the shore. To visit Hang Ba Hang, you will need to purchase tickets and rent a cruise, and you will also have the opportunity to visit other nearby destinations such as Hon Dinh Huong.